The best free web icon banks

It is the design of your website that produces the first impression – favorable, mixed or unfavorable – of your visitors. Choosing original and professional web icons adds value to the design of your site and provides a significant element of differentiation.

You would be wrong to deprive yourself knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of free downloadable web icons on the net. In this article, we present the main free web icon banks to customize your website.

The 5 best icon banks

The 5 sites below are veritable goldmines for free web icon seekers. These icon banks provide access to several million icons of all kinds for your website.

#1 The Noun Project, the reference catalog since 2010

The Noun Project  contains over a million free access web icons and symbols (including some under Creative Commons). The site was created in 2010. Several thousand graphic designers from all over the world collaborate on it. The icons are downloadable in .png or .svg format. Searching the catalog is done simply via a search bar. A paid package (€39.99 per year) gives access to more features (change of icon color, access to the drag-and-drop function for Mac, etc.).

#2 Flat Icon and compliance with the Creative Commons license

Flat Icon contains almost 440,000 web icons grouped in more than 8,000 theme packs, by categories, popularity, according to trends, etc. Launched in 2013, the Flat Icon icon bank is regularly enriched thanks to the contribution of thousands of designers from all over the world. Most icons are available under a Creative Commons license. This license requires you to cite the author’s name in order to use the icons. As on The Noun Project, the search for icons is done by keyword via the search engine. Web icons are downloadable in .png, .eps, .svg or .psd format. A paid plan ($7.50/month) provides access to premium icons and a license to use all icons without having to worry about credits. Let us mention, finally,

#3 Freepik, bank of graphic files

Freepik is a keyword search engine providing access to thousands of free web icons. The platform also offers the “More” button to discover many customizable web icon templates, but also free presentation templates. Note that the filtering engine is very efficient. It allows you to refine your search by filtering by formats, licenses, ages, numbers… If the site offers a French version, we advise you to do your research by typing in English keywords to obtain more results. If the free formula is more than adequate, the paid plan (7.50€ to 9.99€/month) allows access without advertising to Premium icons, but also to vector and psd formats.

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#4 Icons8 and web icon customization

Icons8  brings together nearly 130,000 web icons, adaptable to the desired formats (iOS, Windows, Doodle, etc.) The platform also offers many resources such as vector files, photos and royalty-free music that can be personalized at infinite. Just like for Freepik, Icons8 offers a very practical filtering engine which allows access to a library of high quality web icons. The prices offered by Icons8 range from €19 to €49/month.

#5 Icon Gallery

Icon Gallery is more than 400,000 free web icons covering all themes. All icons in this bank have a 32×32 pixel version. Icons are mostly available in several formats. A filtering engine helps you refine your search results by keywords. As with all the other web icon banks presented in this article, some icons are licensed.

Free Icons for Product Design

Any product requires specific icons, which represent essential elements of the user experience. The sites below offer packs containing icons in different formats, fully customizable, to integrate into your product:

  • Flat Graphic Design Icons  : A pack of 36 icons, particularly well-designed for infographics, user interfaces and dashboards.
  • Metro UI Icon Set  offers 725 icons in 512×512 format for web browsers, operating systems and websites.
  • Flat Icons (PSD) : very colorful icons made available for free by Pierre Borodin design.
  • Flat Designer Icons  offers a pack of 48 office icons, social media icons and travel related icons. You must enter your email address to be able to download them.
  • 168 Custom Interface Icons  : This pack contains icons for your interfaces. They are available in 3 styles (outlined, filled and colored).
  • Plex  provides a pack of 119 free web icons in the style of those from Google.
  • Free Flat Style Icon Pack  offers 25 flat vector icons for download in one psd file.
  • Varient Flat Custom CS Icons  : A free flat icon pack brought to you by Tom Newton.
  • Hex Icons Pack  : 170 free web icons, plus 45 gaming icons.
  • Climacons  : a pack of 75 icons on the subject of the climate (clouds, thermometers, umbrella, etc.) proposed by Adam Whitcroft.
  • Free Line Icon Set  : a pack of 38 icons drawn from very popular tools.
  • Free Flat Icons  : A set of simple and elegant web icons from designer Jan Dvorak.
  • Publish  : a collection of sleek icons for platforms and publishing (from Tumblr to Drupal ).
  • Product Icons  : Offers free web icons for Dribble, Pinterest, and more.
  • Elegant Mobile App Icons  offers very beautiful icons, very original, fully customizable.

Free Social Media Icons

You will find free web icons on the following sites to direct your users or visitors to your social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.):

  • Social Icons from Flat Icons  : A free icon pack that can be downloaded for commercial use.
  • Retina-ready Circle Flat Icons  offers 24 free high quality (retina) “social” icons.
  • 24 Circle Social Media Icons  : Don’t like square icons? These 24 circular web icons are made for you!
  • Social Icons from Icons8  : A series of filled icons covering most social networks, from WhatsApp to Paper Lane.
  • New Social Media Icons  : a pack of 9 free raster icons downloadable in PNG format.
  • Buttonz  offers very colorful social media icons with shadows that are clearly out of the ordinary.
  • Social Network Buttons  : rather original and bright circular “social” icons.
  • Social Media Icon Stickers offers very original “sticker” style circular icons.
  • Premium Flat Social Icon Set  : 40 icons again circular + 40 icons with rounded corner 100% resizable.
  • Triangle Vector Icons  : 20 free vector social media icons in triangular format.
  • Social Media Badges  : 20 colorful and bright icons in badge format.

The list, as you can imagine, is far from exhaustive. If you know of other banks or free icon packs, feel free to share in comments.